Content Infringements / Removal Request

    Exploring you might find materials, images and links that leads to various Music files owned by various artiste. We do not claim ownership of these musics, rather they are only stored for promotion basis only, to honor & circulate them to the world at large, preserving songs for the younger generations is why Mp3gaga was born, that’s our main project. All rights, hookups, performance call-up’s e.t.c, are strictly reserved for the rightful owner/artiste who owns the work/content/song e.t.c.

    If very well you feel offended that your songs are preserved/indexed or promoted on and you earnestly want these songs deleted, kindly send us a message/mail with exact reference/link to the content you claim ownership of and we will gladly honor your request within 12 hours, and as well disengage in any promotions concerning the said artiste.

    Note: The message/mail must contain the following:

    1: Name and the exact URL of your copyrighted material.

    2: Proof of evidence that you own the copyright to the said content or documented evidence that you are representing the person/company owning the content.

    3: Contact information (Phone and email address) so that we may contact you after confirming you’re the rightful owner & also after removing the said content.

    For such a request, Drop a message via our contact form or send us an E-mail at

    We will gladly reply and clarify every request, but will not reply to an automatized bot messages though, or messages missing any information listed above, or messages lacking substantial amount of evidence needed to execute such request.

    Please note that it may take a minimum of 12 hours and a maximum of 24 hours to process your request, if all needed evidence is attached.

    Don’t bother sending your request to our ISP, hosting company or any other channels, all messages/mails are to be forwarded to the email address provided.

    We humbly apologize if you feel offended by our warm gesture to circulate/preserve your piece of work & to maintain its memory for generations to come, no detriment intended, but rather: we honor your noble achievement.

    Suggestion: If you really want to permanently remove your copyrighted material/content/song from the (Internet) music database entirely; thereby wiping it off from anyone’s reach: you should contact the administrator of the URL where you once hosted your copyrighted material/content/song, he/she will be of great importance to you.