About us

Mp3gaga Is an entertainment website – A music powerhouse loaded with assorted genres of  Nigerian throwback/oldies songs.

This platform was born to satisfy the need in the Nigerian music industry: mostly for those in need of throwback/oldies songs.

We discovered that the majority of blogs out there have neglected the need to carry along with these epic Nigerian old songs, neglecting the fact that, this music really made a lot of sense in their time and still refreshes our memories to date. Our team (Mp3gaga) saw the need to preserve these songs & to upload each one made available to us to the (Internet) music database, so as to honor their efforts/memories.

Mp3gaga.com was established to make sure every copy of these (Transitory) kinds of music will be passed on to our younger ones; generation to generation. They should know this music once existed and also appreciate the artists for their ‘legendary job well_done’, yes! They should. 

Nigerian throwback music is our main mission & utmost priority –  That is the sole reason for this project; to preserve & circulate the memories of these music legends: so their efforts/contributions will not dwindle from the (Internet) music database.

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