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Ruffcoin – My Girl (Reggae Cover) _ Lyrics + Mp3

Ruffcoin – My Girl (Reggae Cover)


Eeh yah
Eeh yah
There’s a girl for every man
so, where is my own
I cook my food & wash my clothes
There’s no girl in home
I need a beautiful lady
A student or working class lady, baby
The type of girl I need would call me honey
Even if I gat or gat no money
Be so caring, just like her mummy
She will place only Jah above me
She will place only Jah above me
Some get 2, some get 3, some get 4
some get 5, but ihe muwa choro bu ofu
Ihe muwa choro bu ofu
All i need is one girl
I know she’s out there
But, Ole Ya
Feeling very lonely Eeh Yah
And I can’t stop wondering
Gini Wu aha ya
The girl made for I and I
The girl made for I and I


Artist: Ruffcoin
Song title: My Girl
Length: 06mn:01s
Size: 6.12mb
Bitrate: 128 kbps

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