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Apostles Of Aba – Nmere Giri Bu Ogu #Epic Igbo Oldies#

This is one the hottest tracks every Igbo parent is familiar with, made a lot of wave during those times. The song still reminds me of some certain memories though, it has a very funny lyrics and to those who are not familiar with the Igbo language, The artiste was lamenting in his song, he was saying that “The rat that ate his fish, has provoked him ( okena tara azum ihulaaa ihula n’ikpasuola mu iwe) very funny song, ha ha ha.


M’mere gini bu ogu lee
M’mere gini bu ogu lee
Umu uwa ji akponu’m ugwo

oke na tara azum ihulaaa
ihula n’ikpasuola’m iwe

Ihemerem ma achiwa lee
emegi ya ibewa ebewa

Amuma n’ihu enyim leee
ihula l’obiya mbu odo

Aka mu di ocha enyim leee
ala Ngwa bu onye aka ebem

Onye akporo akpo irim lee lee
isi la okpu mu ehila
onye akporo akpo irim lee
isi la okpu mu ehila.

Anya miri akwa’m lee
afuru afu oku’m
obunu whe esi akponu’m ugwo

okena tara azum ihulaaa
ihula l’ikpasuola’m iwe

ihemerem machiwa leee
emegi ya ibewa ebewaa fades out..

The Apostles – Nmere Giri

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