E-4O – Choices (Yup).. Baddest Hit

Dope song from foreign hip hop artiste E-40, this one was titled ‘Choices’.. Very special song with a chilling lyrics and rhymes. The jamz is still hitting it big in the music industry.


Nop, yup
Nop, yup
Nop, yup

  • Ever told on a nigga? nop
    Ever squeezed a trigger? yup
    Ever set a nigga up? nop
    Ever helped a brother out when he was down on his luck? yup
    You a sap? nop.

You a boss player, you a mack? yup
Let me hold a couple dollars nop
Y’all still be poppin’ y’all collars? yup
Stock rims on a scraper nop
Paint wetter than a lake yup
Poodle in my blood nop
Bitch, I’m a thug yup

E-40 – Choices



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